Lost Prophets 1991

Eastern Strings

Musiqa min Al Dunia As-Sharqia ~ Music from the Eastern World
Original Microtonal Music Inspired by Traditional Arabic Maqamat and Iqaat and Other World Music Traditions
California Multi-Instrumentalist

Nathan Craver

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From 1987 through 2004, my wife and I played original folk/country/rock songs as Lost Prophets. See our archived site for further information and pictures - and more songs!

In 2013, we revived the idea with a new name, Indigo Caravan. In the fall of 2014, we recorded and released our CD 'Vapor Trails!' See our new site at www.indigocaravan.com for further information!

Someday 1989 Someday 1989

Piles Of Paper (MP3, 1.7MB, 3:38)

Low Tide (MP3, 2.4MB, 5:08)

I Try To Cry (MP3, 1.7MB, 3:35)

I Walk Away (MP3, 1.5MB, 3:16)

Wait For The Beep (MP3, 2.2MB, 4:49)

No Flies On Me (MP3, 1.9MB, 4:08)

How Can They Keep Us Apart? (MP3, 2.8MB, 6:05)

Summer Sampler 2003

Soon Enough (MP3, 10MB, 4:16)

Born Too Late (MP3, 7.9MB, 3:23)

Once Upon A Time (MP3, 14.1MB, 6:01)

Pieces Of The Sky (MP3, 8.7MB, 3:42)

Marina's View (MP3, .5MB, 1:21)

Lost Prophets 1991

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