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Musiqa min Al Dunia As-Sharqia ~ Music from the Eastern World
Original Microtonal Music Inspired by Traditional Arabic Maqamat and Iqaat and Other World Music Traditions
California Multi-Instrumentalist

Nathan Craver

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Here are some of the recordings that I've played on over the years:

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Al 'Azifoon:

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Oud Taqsims with Al 'Azifoon:

Shanna with Al 'Azifoon

The following audio recordings are from my camcorder, captured at the 2006 Belly Dance Fantasy Festival in San Leandro.
These are the slow 'veil' sections of the dance sets, played on Najarian electric oud, with percussion by Paul Ohanesian, Yosifah Rose and Zaid Ali of Al 'Azifoon.

Taqsim 1 (MP3, 2.7MB, 2:52) - Rhumba Rhythm; Fantasy Dancer: Nanna Candelaria

Taqsim 2 (MP3, 2.5MB, 2:42) - Chiftetelli Rhythm; Fantasy Dancer: Shanna

Taqsim 3 (MP3, 2.6MB, 2:44) - Rhumba Rhythm; Fantasy Dancer: Monica

Taqsim 4 (MP3, 2.6MB, 2:47) - Masmoudi Rhythm; Fantasy Dancer: Zari

Taqsim 5 (MP3, 1.1MB, 1:10) - Chiftetelli Rhythm (at end); Fantasy Dancer: Mielle
(unfortunately, the tape ran out on this one)


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